Thank you for considering a donation to the Kyrie Foundation! The foundation functions on a volunteer basis. That means every dollar we earn goes toward the good of the foundation’s research funding goals. No fluff.

You may send tax-deductible donations in the form of cash or a check made out to
The Kyrie Foundation. Please mail to:

The Kyrie Foundation

10317 Century Lane

Overland Park, KS 66215

If you include a mailing or e-mail address with your donation, we send end-of-year statements for your records.

We are pleased to offer online donation capabilities through our secure PayPal account.

donate time, ideas & stuff

Simply put, we are a group of people who want brain cancer to disappear instead of children. To make cancer disappear, it takes money for research. To acquire money for research, we need people to join us. We need people like you to volunteer personal skill, talent, contacts, ideas, time & maybe even sweat. If you would like to join Kyrie’s Volunteer Corp, the A-team group of helpers for events in the Wichita and Kansas City areas, please contact

You may also have the ability to make in-kind donations, those goods & services that are of value to a non-profit like the Kyrie Foundation. The following is a good list of the kinds of in-kind donations that we could definitely use. However, if you have other products or services that you think would benefit the cause, please contact us at 913.387.4493 or e-mail


• marketing & public relations

• graphic design

• legal counsel

• grant writing

• printing & publishing


• promotional materials, like t-shirts, buttons, etc.

• prizes for events such as products, gift baskets or gift cards

• small new toys & games for pediatric hospital holiday visits

• media space for newspapers, magazines, TV, radio & Web

• event space

When making an in-kind donation, please consider:

• contacting us first to make sure that we can put your donation to good use.

• the value of your donation.

• checking with the IRS Publication 526 to see if your donation is tax deductible and how to claim your deduction.

(by doing virtually nothing!)

Just sign up with and choose the Kyrie Foundation to automatically make donations to our cause every time you search the Web! Free for you, good for research!

p.s. Make it your homepage or use it as your toolbar search window.

honors & memorials

A donation to the Kyrie Foundation in honor of someone dear to you, present or past, is a compassionate and thoughtful way to compliment or to comfort a friend or relative. When making this kind of donation, please include the following information:

• name of person/s being honored

• mailing address to whom the acknowledgment certificate may be sent, if not your own

• an e-mail address where we may reach you should we have any questions

You may send your donation via mail to:

The Kyrie Foundation

attn: honors & memorials

10317 Century Lane

Overland Park, KS 66215

Or you may make your honor donation online making sure to include the preceding information in the PayPal comment box.

planned giving

Be it an endowment (an investment tool that over time provides a steady income of interest-earned dollars earmarked for a specific purpose) or bequests (a gift made through a will), planned giving can ensure that the Kyrie Foundation has the means to continue funding research well into the future.

Endowment contributions may be made by direct monetary donations, directed memorials, stock or other marketable securities, gift annuities or bequests of any amount. You can include a bequest when preparing a new will or you can ask your attorney to attach a codicil to an existing will.

Often a bequest is very simple. Here are two common types:

• Specific Bequests allow the donor to transfer a specific amount or asset.

    I give {dollar amount or list of specific items} to the Kyrie Foundation presently located at {address}, for {any of its proper uses and purposes}.

• Residuary Bequests allow the donor to transfer all or a portion of the remainder of their estate, after the specific bequests have been made.

I give {all or a specific %} to the Kyrie Foundation presently located at {address}, for {any of its proper uses and purposes} or for {specified purpose}.

The preceding is not meant to be official legal or tax information. Please consult your legal and financial counsel before finalizing your plans.


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